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UV²A Technology

The development of UV²A technology represents a major advance in terms of the picture quality and energy efficiency of LCD panels – and is thus particular significant for the next generation of Sharp LFD’s and BIG PADs.

The new UV²A photo-alignment technology allows precise alignment of liquid crystals in modern LCD panels using UV light, providing a high dynamic contrast of 2.000.000 : 1 and an increase of over 20 percent in light transparency.

1* Ultra Violet Light
2* Allignment Layer with Polymer Chains
3* Glass Substrate

Sharp is using UV²A technology to improve the most important characteristics of LFD’s and BIG PADs. The result: Brilliant picture quality and outstanding energy characteristics.


The orientation of the liquid crystal molecules in a specific direction is decisive for the picture quality and the energy consumption of LCD displays. The more precisely the molecules are positioned, the better the static contrast, the light transparency of the screen and the viewing angle.

With the Advanced Super View (ASV) technology already used in most of the latest LFD’s and BIG PADs, Sharp is already setting technological standards. The UV²A technology now combines Sharp’s own UV irradiation and process technologies with specially developed surface materials.

The special feature of the UV²A technology is the formation of the microstructure by a special polymer layer coated onto the glass of the screen. This is the so-called alignment layer. The polymer chains that protrude from the surface of the layer can be photometrically aligned using UV light. This ribbed microstructure enables extremely precise control of the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules. The angle of inclination of the liquid crystal molecules measuring only about two nanometres can be aligned to the nearest picometre.

1* Liquid Crystal
2* Allignment Layer
3* Glass Substrate

Precise alignment of the liquid crystals using UV²A technology has two effects that contribute significantly to improving the picture quality and energy efficiency of LCD displays:

Firstly, when pixels are switched to black, almost no light penetrates the panel. This increases the dynamic contrast ratio to over 2.000.000 : 1 and enables display of extreme black levels.

Secondly, the UV²A technology increases the light transparency of the LCD panel by more than 20 percent. This means more efficient use of the backlighting, which in turn provides brighter and livelier colours and at the same time saves energy.


The improved pixel structure of the X-Gen panel now allows unbelievable contrast ratios. In combination with the new LED backlighting in the Sharp LFD’s and BIG PADs series they achieve values of at least 2.000.000 : 1.
The result:

  • Bolder blacks
  • More vivid colours
  • More spatial depth