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UCCT - The Perfect Choice for Perfect Video Walls

Standard video walls often have different white points between screens. Dark spots or patches can also affect the quality and uniformity of any content displayed. This clouding phenonmenon is called "Mura", a Japanese term for "unevenness", and is normally irreparable.

Sharp has the perfect solution...

Sharp's Uniform Calibration Technology (UCCT) removes all Mura stains and visible non-uniformity, by adding RGB gains to each affected pixel. The result is a perfectly uniform white point and colour consistency  across the whole display.

How it works

Step 1 – Video Wall + UCCT

UCCT is a “3D pixel by pixel” hardware calibration process in the factory, which uses a state of the art “xyz” camera to apply Mura correction and colour calibration over a combination of Look Up Tables (LUTs).

Once applied the first improvement is visible, but each display has its own UCCT profile, and the white points can still differ from display to display in a video wall. Therefore next step is required for the best results.

Step 2 – Video Wall + UCCT + Calibration

An external sensor measures each display‘s white point and colour profile. Sharp’s software Display Installation Tool with Calibration (DITwC) application updates (hardware calibration) the displays’ LUT to match across the wall.

Calibration with the external sensor is applied to every display, and the white points are matched with DITwC to create the perfect video wall.

The Mura correction will usually remain stable over the display’s lifetime, but occasionally the calibration may need to be refreshed using the DITwC software as aging effects can cause different white points to appear.

A unique approach

Sharp‘s UCCT is a truly industry leading process, because no other supplier offers:

  • L*ab based Mura Correction: Creates a linear representation of all perceivable colours that is close to how the human eye perceives colour
  • 3D Colour Control: Uses a combination of on-board separate colour management Look Up Tables (LUTs
  • White Point Colour Calibration: Provides full matching to a pre-defined colour temperature from screen edge to centre and across all screens using L*ab

So screens are perfectly uniform and perfectly matched across an entire video wall – giving you the perfect way to create a high impact, high quality display.