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Transform Office Printing With The Sharp MX-6580N and MX-7580N MFPs

The Sharp MX-6580N and MX-7580N are the latest additions to our high-volume colour Multifunction Printer (MFP) line-up, designed to allow your office to take control of its high quality print needs. Find out how they make creating high quality prints easier and faster.

The Sharp MX-6580N and Sharp MX-7580N offer a durable design and a user-friendly interface that can be customised to meet the different needs of each user. They also include the embedded Fiery colour print server, making them suitable for environments where more colour control and precision is required.

Here we explore the key features and innovations of our latest high-speed MFPs.

Sharp MX-6580N/MX-7580N Speed Benefits  

The Sharp MX-6580N and 7580N print 65 and 75 pages per minute, in Full Colour. The first copy comes out in just 3.7/4.0 seconds in B&W and 5.1/5.6 seconds in colour, saving you valuable time when performing multiple short-run print jobs.

They are equipped with Sharp OSA technology, allowing easy integration with network applications and cloud services, such as Cloud Connect for popular platforms such as One Drive, Google Drive, and SharePoint Online.

Both models come fitted with a highly efficient 150-sheet DSPF (Duplex Single Pass Feeder). This scans both pages of two-sided documents in one pass. With a scanning speed of up to 100 Originals Per Minute (one-sided) or 200 OPM (two-sided), the MFP can finish even large projects quickly. 

Thanks to an intermediate toner hopper, there is no need to stop the Sharp MX-7580N/MX-6580N during large volume copy/print jobs when the toner cartridge needs changing. The MFP can use toner from the toner hopper to continue printing while the empty toner cartridge is replaced with a new one.

While the Sharp MX-7580N and MX-6580N hold a generous 3,100 sheets of paper, this standard capacity can be expanded to meet the needs of high-volume jobs. Adding an optional 500-sheet Multi Bypass Tray and two Large Capacity Trays (2,500 sheets x 2) boosts capacity to 8,600 sheets. And when a tray runs out of paper, the Auto Tray Switching function automatically switches to another tray with the same-sized paper.

10.1-inch Colour LCD Touchscreen

The Sharp MX-7580N and MX-6580N have been designed with ease of use as a priority. You will find a user-friendly touchscreen interface incorporating an Easy UI mode to make it easier for anyone to use the MFP’s advanced functions. The control panel can be tilted at various angles for easy viewing and easy operation, even from a wheelchair.

Easy UI offers simple function icons displayed on the LCD touchscreen. Users can individually customise the home screen by dragging and dropping icons for the commonly used functions, making for smoother more efficient operation.

The Advanced Preview functions let you check document finishes and page layouts in advance of printing, as well as allowing you to edit pages easily and even preview documents in various modes.

Fiery Print Server

The Sharp MX-7580N and MX-6580N can be paired with the cost-effective embedded MX-PE12 Fiery Print Server, an industry leading EFI Fiery embedded print server, to become a powerful integrated solution for Improving the control of your colour for your brand/logo and also be able to produce quality documents internally and managing professional in-plant and busy on-demand printing environments.

The MX-PE12 Fiery Server offers a centralised solution that features the award winning Command Workstation with an industry standard printing job management user interface. Using the centralised control and automated management tools, users will find it easy to preview jobs, check their progress and do reprints.

In demanding print environments, accurate and consistent colour is critical. That is why Integrate Fiery colour management tools provide superior colour control. Using these tools, you will find transparencies, drop shadows, and other effects are rendered precisely every time, so improving the overall image quality of your prints.

Sharp MX-6580N/MX-7580N Image Quality

By thoroughly revamping the imaging process, we have been able to expand the colour range for both devices. As a result, colour reproduction is more faithful and vivid compared to previous models, as well as rival devices.

The print engine of the Sharp MX-6580N and MX-7580N supports 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing and copying, the latter when in B&W mode. Digital smoothing technology delivers print and copy resolution equivalent to 9,600 x 600 dpi, giving you ultra-clear image quality. Fine lines and small text comes out looking crisper and easier to read.

The Developer Refresh System prevents developer deterioration, ensuring stable print quality by discharging old developer little by little and continuously replacing it with new developer. In this way, you’ll always have the best image quality possible.

Our Line Width Adjustment function adjusts the width of fine lines, which traditionally are difficult to render. With the Sharp MX-6580N and MX-7580N intricate lines drawings, complex graphs and charts, and detailed spreadsheets are now reproduced with precision.

To maintain consistently high image quality during large-volume print jobs, both models employ a periodic colour calibration system. Image density sensors monitor image consistency to minimise colour variance between pages. As an added advantage, the MFPs make the necessary colour adjustments without stopping the print job, saving you time.

Other Benefits of the Sharp MX-7580N/MX-6580N

USB Drive Support

Looking for flexible ways of working? Simply insert a USB Drive into the MFP and a print/scan command screen will automatically pop up on the LCD. This will allow you to print files from the USB drive, which are displayed as thumbnails for easy recognition. What’s more, you can also scan documents directly to USB, so once you’ve finished working on the MFP you can easily take them away with you.

Advanced Scan Functions

Using advanced optical character recognition, the Sharp MX-7580N/MX-6580N can correct the vertical orientation of pages mixed in upside down. This conveniently saves you the hassle of having to rescan those pages. The MFP can also automatically determine scan resolution and skip blank pages in a multi-page document.

The Mulitcrop function automatically creates separate files for multiple different sized documents, such as receipts and bills, which can be scanned simultaneously.

Convert Documents via OCR

OCR capability on the Sharp MX-7580N and MX-6580N lets you convert a scanned document into a searchable PDF file or into an editable Office Open XML file. This means you can do speedy text searches, even with large volume documents, and you can easily copy and paste test data into other applications. 

Office Direct Printing

Print common Microsoft Office files without using a PC. With a Sharp MX-7580N/MX-6580N you can print from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files directly from a mobile device, cloud service, ISB drive or file server. This function is enabled using DirectOffice technology. 

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