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Solar History

With more than one million customers worldwide and having shipped more than 50 million PV panels, Sharp has produced 15.4GW (gigawatts) of power, equating to a total CO2 avoidance of 168 Mt (megatons) of CO2. Sharp has a track record of over half a century - the industry’s longest standing solar experience, earning its solid reputation in the world of solar, with solar products at work in many areas; from family homes and installations in extreme environments such as lighthouses and satellites, to recently completed megawatt-scale solar power plants.

“Sharp’s innovation and developments into module technology over half a century have allowed us to always improve and adapt to market circumstances. We have managed to match expectations globally over the years, and we are proud to be recognised as a strong and reliable supplier and product partner. Our continued growth is testament to this.”
Peter, Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe

Have a look at our pioneering solar history:


Sharp Energy Solutions Europe collaborates with partners for the realisation of large-scale PV systems in the EMEA region


Achieved 25.09% conversion efficiency (Back Contact), the world's highest, for 6-inch monocrystalline solar cells

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Sharps parent company Foxconn starts equipping production sites with Sharp PV modules


Achieved 31.17% conversion efficiency, the world's highest in solar modules, using triple-junction compound solar cells

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Sharp successfully supports the energy transformation to renewable energy in Japan with solar power plants in the Fukushima region


Released BACK CONTACT panels, which use monocrystalline solar cells to achieve 19.1% module conversion efficiency (now 20.0%)


Achieved 37.9% conversion efficiency, the world's highest, for triple-junction compound solar cells

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Utility-scale solar power plant built in Thailand (84MW) followed by the start of IPP (independent power producer) business in Japan in 2013

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Tokai University won the Global Green Race in Australia in solar cars equipped with Sharp solar cells

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Solar panels cover the walls of the tallest building (122 m) in Manchester (CIS Tower), 7244 solar panels, 80 W, 391 kW of power, largest power generation facility in a commercial facility in Europe


Sharp started to sell solar components in Europe


40 units of 36-cell solar modules were installed at Tsubosaka-dera Temple (Nara) to illuminate the Big Buddha, which are still operating now after 36 years


The first Sharp calculator with solar cells was released


Japan's first operational satellite for space “Ume” equipped with Sharp solar cells. Sharp now has  more than 170 satellite installations


Sharp opens an office in Europe (Germany, Hamburg)


Ogami Island Lighthouse in Nagasaki equipped with Sharp solar modules, with 225W it had the world's largest solar output at the time. Sharp now has more than 2,800 lighthouse installations


Succeeded in the mass production of single-crystal solar cells


A successful prototype transistor radio with solar cells was manufactured and sold


Sharp became one of the first companies in the world to start development of solar cells

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