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Solar Panels and Project Cooperation for PV Solar Farms

Rely on proven technology for your investment

Creating a large solar power plant is a massive long-term investment. We understand how important it is to source quality components which perform well for decades to make sure you reach that return on investment (ROI) quickly. We make sure that your careful planning and coordination for each step in a project pays off because our shipments are delivered on time for construction so you can stay on schedule.

When you need replacement parts or technical advice our service team in Hamburg is just a call away. We always hope for the best but you will be prepared for the worst because our guarantee terms are among the best with up to 15 years* EU Product Guarantee & 25 years linear power output guarantee.

From the Nordics to the desert: our modules are designed to withstand harsh conditions and this is confirmed by certificates and testing for PID resistance, Salt Mist, Sand/Dust, Ammonia and snow load. All our 144 cell half-cell panels come with long cables so you can reduce your BOS costs with leapfrog wiring

An experienced project partner

Reliable Tier1 high performance modules, experienced partners and financial strength make for successful projects. Sharp free-field installations are covered by the same generous guarantee terms as other installation types! We offer extensive services around financing solutions and can access exclusive subsidy schemes. Find out more about project development opportunities with Sharp in the flyer via the link below.

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