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Skywell water cooler creates water from the air in your office

London, 30-08-2018
The first smart atmospheric water generator is now available to buy in the UK exclusively through Sharp. The Skywell 5TE features revolutionary technology to turn the surrounding air into fresh, clean drinking water, with no plumbing required.

It works by taking in ambient air and collecting moisture through condensation, which is then filtered. The water goes through a seven-stage air and water filtration system, ultraviolet purification and ozone treatment to remove dust, airborne particles, bacteria and other impurities. Skywell’s built-in “Smart” monitoring system continuously monitors every drop of water dispensed to guarantee its purity and high quality.

Skywell is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottle-fed dispensers or plastic bottles, removing the need for water deliveries or single-use bottles. Rachel Dean, Product Business Manager said “Consumers and businesses are actively seeking ways to reduce how much single-use plastic they use and minimise their environmental impact. We believe that Skywell has the potential to help us all think differently about drinking water.”

A 100-person office using a traditional bottle-fed water cooler is likely to be responsible for the transport of at least 26 tonnes of water every year, significantly adding to their carbon footprint[i]. In the UK we consume 3 billion litres of bottled water a year, with the manufacture of a single one-litre PET bottle releasing the equivalent of 100g of CO2[ii].

The Skywell also comes equipped with a customisable 8-inch interactive touchscreen that runs the Skywell App. Skywell encourages you to stay healthy and hydrated by allowing you to create your own personal consumption profile, set your daily water consumption goals and then track your progress throughout the working day, week or month.

The Skywell is also capable of serving as a very effective branding tool by prominently displaying the corporate logo of the user company, as well as operating as the office message board.

Skywell offers the flexibility to add a water point in new areas of the office because it doesn’t require plumbing or mains water. All that is needed to install a Skywell unit is a power supply. Skywell is available through Sharp and its sales partners now.

[i] Assuming each person consumes 1l per business day, 260 working days per year

[ii] The University of Nottingham, Should we be using bottled water?


Marzena Szulc
PR & Communication Manager CEE