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Sharp Visual Solutions at ISE 2018: Video round-up

At our stand at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, we were proud to demonstrate our new 4K BIG PAD interactive display, an extended smart signage line-up and a demo of Sharp’s 8K ecosystem. Here’s a round-up of the video interviews we did from our stand.

Sharp BIG PAD at ISE 2018

Among the 80,000 visitors to ISE were journalists from the world’s leading AV publishers including InAVate and rAVe Publications. They interviewed us about our BIG PADs, Digital Signage, and our Future Technologies – check out our product demonstrations below. 


Sharp BIG PAD at ISE 2018

With a total of eight different interactive displays on show at our stand at ISE 2018, we included the 40-inch BIG PAD PN-40TC1 and the new 50-inch BIG PAD PN50TC1 with Mini OPS PC for huddle spaces, along with the 70-inch BIG PAD PN-70SC5 with wireless sharing.

Showing off our latest 4K BIG PAD PN70TH5, Chris Parker, Senior Product Manager at Sharp, Europe, talks us through some of the features, such a palm reject option, the real Pen-on-Paper experience of the display, and 4K

rAVe Publications

"We are king of the meeting rooms, we have meeting room solutions for any type, any application, any type of scenario for meeting. We know it can be touch, maybe it's interactive, maybe it's plain PowerPoint presentation, maybe you need integrated PCs, maybe you need wireless BYOD; we do have solutions for every type of meeting. And even Futuresource says we are number one globally for the corporate meeting space."


"We are specializing [in] more difficult and demanding applications; it could be medical, could be automotive, could be graphic design / photography."

Digital Signage at ISE 2018

rAVe Publication

Sid Stanley, General Manager Visual Solutions for Sharp Europe talks about Sharp’s Huddle: "Now what's important in a Huddle is that customers want informal meetings starting quickly, in less than 30 seconds. So, that's what we brought from the Huddle range. We've also launched a 40-inch touch display, and here at ISE 2018 we're bringing the 50-inch."

Digital Signage at ISE 2018

rAVe Publications

When talking about Sharp’s Digital Signage, Sid Stanley said that: "We're delighted to say that they're the most flexible products on the marketplace,” in terms of “hardware configuration, flexible installations, flexible applications - so upright, facedown, faceup, tilt and so on -  and with a mini RPS and powerful SoC, you've got a product that can do many, many things for you."


Birgit Jackson, Commercial Director Europe at Sharp, spoke to InAVate about our new Digital Signage, saying that:

"What you see here is our very new smart signage line-up, which is the most flexible choice for smart signage in the market, because what we are featuring in those screens is a system-on-chip (SoC), which is Android-based."

Future Technology at ISE 2018

Looking ahead and sharing future plans, we demonstrated Sharp’s new 8K professional camcorder (8C-B60A) and 8K display. While the video below doesn't do it justice (as it was nether filmed in 8K nor are we watching in 8K), it does give you a glimpse of what to expect. Check out the screen in the background! It – somehow – looks even clearer than the florist and flowers to the right of the screen. That’s 8K for you.

rAVe Publications

"Shoot, store, and play 8K content. And what that brings to you, our customers, is the ability to leverage an advanced visualization solution," explained Sid Stanley.

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