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Sharp PN-V602 Video Wall chosen for Cologne Bonn Airport

With high brightness and ultra-HD resolution, Sharp PN-V602 Video Wall displays are the ideal digital signage solution for Cologne Bonn Airport.

When Cologne Bonn Airport needed to update its passenger information and advertising display boards, Ben Hur, the company chosen to supply and fit the new displays, was faced with two main challenges.

Firstly, the displays would need to cope with the extremely well-lit halls of the airport, and handle content that was adapted for the bright am­bient light of the airport.

Secondly, all content had to be played in ultra-HD reso­lution so that it could be easily read at any distance. Depending on the installation location, the viewing dis­tance in some instances around the airport can be as short as two metres, so a low resolution display would make it difficult for the viewer to see the image correctly.

LED technology displays, which are typically used in digital video walls, were therefore out of the question, due to their delivering a maximum resolution of 1,190 x 703 pixels.

Ben Hur is an independent system supplier, well known for developing, designing and im­plementing innovative digital media concepts. Its employees are specialists in choosing the right media technology for its customers.

With LED displays no longer an option, Ben Hur chose to create a video wall solution comprised of three Sharp PN-V602 displays in portrait mode. This would produce a resolution of 2,304 x 1,366 pi­xels, which would more than meet the need to deliver ultra-HD content to the screen, and handle the bright hall conditions.

Sharp Digital Signage Solutions For All Areas

The Sharp PN-V602 monitor has an ultra-thin bezel to keep picture interruptions to a minimum when displays are positioned next to each other in a video wall. It also has a high quality look suitable for the airport.

While the airport only needed three displays to be lined up to create the size required, the Sharp PN-V602 has the multi-screen capability to link 25 displays together (five horizontally by five vertically) for the ultimate user experience.

In addition to the solution’s brightness and legibility at any distance, another benefit is the reliability of Sharp displays, even during 24/7 continuous operation. Sharp estimates that each display will easily offer 50,000 hours maximum lifetime usage.

As a result, Sharp PN-V602 displays can now be found around all areas of Cologne Bonn Airport in a range of configurations. Commenting on the solution, Stephan Merkens, Manager for Advertising at Bonn Airport, said, “our customers at the airport particularly appreciate the reliability and availability of the Sharp displays, even in areas flooded with natural light.”

The Results

Co­logne Bonn Airport has now been using 36 Sharp PN-V602 displays for over two years. In that time there have been no breakdowns or malfunctions, so proving the reliability of the build and operation of the panels.

Installation of the digital displays offer advantages to all those involved. Unlike poster billboards, digital displays have the ad­vantage of constantly changing content that can be quickly updated, without the need to physically update the signage. This saves the operator a great deal of time and money.

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