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Sharp launches ‘Plug & Go’ wireless module for easy collaboration

Warsaw, 27-10-2017
Sharp Electronics CEE today announces the launch of a Wireless Mini OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) module for its latest generation BIG PAD interactive displays and range of PN-R professional displays. The unique Wireless module (PN-ZB03W) was developed by Sharp to allow you to easily and quickly connect your devices to Sharp displays, without cables.

The PN-ZB03W module supports Macs and PCs, smartphones and tablets, so you can share content with your audience whether you are using a work device or your own BYOD (bring your own device) equipment. Four users are able to simultaneously display content from their personal devices on Sharp screens, supporting easier collaboration in meetings.

Maciej Materna, Product Manager Visual Solutions, Sharp Electronics CEE, said: “Our new Wireless module helps you to have more dynamic and productive meetings. You will be able to walk into a meeting room, connect to the display and share your update without having to worry about having the right cables or connectors. We’re ending those awkward and annoying delays when there is a change of presenter by making it easy for everyone to connect, using whatever device they have.”

Adding the module to a latest generation BIG PAD or Sharp PN-R professional display is as easy as slotting a USB stick into a laptop. Connection from PCs, laptops, and smartphones can be as simple, via direct connection to the PN-ZB03W as a peer-to-peer. Alternatively, the module can be connected to your local company network and then you simply attach to the closest wireless router. The ‘Mirror OP for Sharp’ application (smartphones only) needs to be installed on your device for sharing device content.

When connecting PCs to a Sharp BIG PAD display you can also share touch signals, which means that you can use the BIG PAD to wirelessly control your PC device.

In addition to the Wireless module, Sharp offers two further Mini OPS modules to extend the functions of Sharp displays and give users the freedom to create the best solution for their needs. Because the modules are easy to add, users have the flexibility to add features as their needs change, maximising the return on investment in their display.    

The Mini OPS HDBaseT 2.0 Receiver Board (PN-ZB03H) enables the transmission of content over a distance of 100m. This is ideal for shop windows or other locations where video and data cabling is required over a long distance. 

The Mini OPS PC module (PN-ZB03PC) effectively turns Sharp displays into a fully-fledged Windows 10 computer without any external wires or cables, and supports 4K content.

The PN-ZB03W Mini OPS Wireless receiver module is available to buy from Sharp and its partners now, and can be used on all new generation PN-R and new generation BIG PAD products. For more information, visit


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