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Sharp brings benefits of digital transformation to SMBs

Warsaw, 05-10-2017
Sharp today launches a new version of Cloud Portal Office; a simple document management system designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. Cloud Portal Office lets SMBs cost-effectively digitise paper-based administration tasks and automate data processes. This automation, which saves time and increases productivity, has previously only been accessible to larger corporations using sophisticated and expensive solutions.

New Cloud Portal Office document management service automates the capture, management and sharing of business information

As well as being a repository for digital files, which can be accessed on the go, Cloud Portal Office includes a host of features designed to improve the way SMBs handle documents. This includes the ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks using the tools from Sharp's Optimised Software Portfolio.

Rob Davis, Managed Content Services Business Manager at Sharp Europe, said: “The latest version of Cloud Portal Office will finally allow SMBs to embrace the digital transformation process, freeing up more of their employees’ time from monotonous admin tasks, and making their business more agile and competitive. There is a lot of potential to streamline these processes.”

Many business administration tasks still involve information stored in a paper form, or a mix of paper and digital, where someone needs to input information from a piece of paper into a digital system, or file documents manually. This is time-consuming, tedious and prone to human error. It is also demotivating; research conducted by Sharp1 revealing that a third of European officer workers (31%) described their working environment negatively because they spend too long on ‘boring’ administration tasks.

Cloud Portal Office combined with Sharp’s Optimised Software portfolio allows businesses to automatically capture data during scanning, tag digitized documents and route them to particular users or groups based on pre-defined rules. The service is flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business. 

A real life example: digitising the mailroom
Incoming mail is opened and scanned using a Sharp multifunction printer (MFP). Key information such as the sender’s name and address, the recipient’s name and the date is extracted using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Cloud Portal Office then files the scanned document in the recipient’s folder and they receive an email notification containing a hyperlink.

Once digital mail is on the system, an audit trail is created giving increased visibility and a better understanding of how information flows through the business. Any delays or bottlenecks can be easily identified and resolved.

A real life example: handling invoices
For more advanced processes such as handling invoices, digitising a document as soon as it comes into a business means there are less delays in payment, relationships with suppliers are improved, and penalties are avoided.

Invoices are scanned using a Sharp MFP and the Advanced Data Extraction module allows the system to extract line items using OCR and match these with existing PO numbers. Invoices are then stored in Cloud Portal Office and the person who is authorised to approve the invoice receives an email notification. Once approved, the accounting system is updated and the invoice can be paid.

Sharp Cloud Portal Office is available through Sharp and its partners now. Click here for more information

*1 Research was conducted with 6,045 office workers in nine EU countries (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary)


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