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Professional Display Solutions

Sharp’s range of professional display solutions bring fine screen resolution and exceptional colour fidelity to any environment where effective visual communication is essential.

Busy retail settings, mission-critical control rooms, leisure and entertainment centres, educational establishments, meeting rooms, lobbies, transport hubs, conference centres - they can all benefit from our large format digital signage and superior 4K resolution technology.

So what is it that makes the difference between ‘ordinary’ and professional display solutions? Resolution is part of the equation, which is why we use 4K resolution on some models, adding the clarity you need to communicate fine detail to a distant audience. But that’s just one reason why professionals insist on using Sharp digital displays.

Professional digital displays for every environment

Control rooms and retail centres choose our high fidelity professional displays because they are bright enough to stand out in areas where there are high levels of ambient light and because they have been engineered for 24/7 operation.

What’s more, depending on the model and the application, our digital displays let you take advantage of smart connectivity and cloud-based dynamic content, making it easy to select and communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Available in portrait and landscape configurations (and even face up or face down in some cases), and with some models optimised for use in attention-grabbing video walls on a breathtaking scale, our range of professional display solutions includes the industry’s ultimate retail displays.

Sharp digital displays – the choice of professionals

Whenever precision and clarity are essential, there’s a Sharp digital display to suit. Compact touch screens, large format retail displays, 4K resolution, exceptional colour, easy content management, 24/7 reliability, super-low power consumption - whatever you’re looking for in a professional display solution, you’ll find it here.

Plus, some of our professional displays come with a Mini-OPS Slot Extension feature, which allows a growing range of third party devices to be connected, extending the functionality.