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Optimised Managed Services

  • Optimised Managed Services

    In today's business world, staying competitive is harder than ever. Customers, management and employees all want more - from less.

    With Optimised Managed Services we can identify and facilitate your transition to new equipment, methods and processes that help your employees engage better with information and become more productive; for management to save money, and for your customers to enjoy an even better experience.

    Optimised Managed Services will not only improve how you access and visualise your data but how you interact and process information, through enhanced digital workflows and more efficient collaborative working. The services range from addressing specific business functions to spanning an entire organisation, and will scale to suit your needs.

    The five-phased process - from discovery to on-going and continuous optimisation - serves as a strategic framework for every engagement and is designed to provide true collaboration, flexibility and scalability. As a result, an engagement can begin at any stage, and our professional team can manage your journey to more efficient, productive working.

    The service is underpinned by our range of Optimised Software Solutions, professional services, tools, management, reporting and our award winning hardware products.

  • Optimised Document Services

    Optimised Document Services brings together our managed print, production and managed content services.  By offering a suite of secure, configurable vertical services we can deliver an immediate and ongoing competitive advantage to our customer’s workplace.

    We can help you reduce printing costs, introduce secure and accountable mobile printing or automate workflows.  We have the tools that will enable you to collaborate more effectively, share information more securely and reach decisions faster.  Or, if you want to maximise the potential of your mobile workforce, we can help with that too.

    Our consultants will take the time to understand your needs and priorities so that they can recommend investments to streamline your workplace printing processes. By leveraging Sharp technologies and our scalable software ecosystem we can ensure that your employees have the right information they need to do their jobs, when they need it.

    Our technologies and services are modular and integrated which means they can be deployed in any order or over a period of time that suits your budget.