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Information Security

MFPs are now a vital part of most organisations’ document workflows and business processes, so they are a potential weak spot in your information and network security. 

Sharp offers a comprehensive range of advanced security solutions that are designed to protect your confidential information while it is being printed, copied, scanned and faxed or transmitted over your network.

Organisations spend a significant amount on protecting their digital assets from threats, but frequently overlook one of the most integral devices in use today – the office MFP. 

The more advanced and integrated MFPs become the greater the risk to confidential information, as it is being copied, printed, scanned or faxed.

Experience you can trust

Sharp was the world’s first MFP manufacturer to address security in digital imaging, receiving the first Common Criteria validation for an MFP in 2001 and being the first to achieve an EAL 4 rating for a data security kit.

We are still recognised as one of the industry’s greatest security innovators and businesses and government agencies worldwide depend on Sharp to keep their confidential data safe from unauthorised access.

End-to-end document protection

Sharp provides a range of advanced security solutions that protect your information and document assets from a multitude of threats, including the most sustained and determined attacks, while also meeting your legal compliance requirements. When combined together, they provide virtually impenetrable end-to-end protection throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Access control security

The Sharp Security Suite restricts who has access to an MFP and what they can use it for. It controls walk-up access by authenticating the user and restricts network access with swipecards or a username/password combination. All user credentials are communicated to the MFP using a combination of secure protocols to help avoid interception

Network security

Sharp MFPs feature an intelligent network interface that can limit access to specific computers on a network, and selectively enable or disable any protocol or service port on each device. All communications to and from the MFP can utilise SSL/TLS for secure transmission over the network, and most devices also support SMB, IPv6, IPSec, 802.1X and SNMPv3. 

Fax security

Sharp MFPs provide a logical separation between the fax telephone line and LAN, so it is virtually impossible for attackers to gain access to the internal systems of the MFP or the local network. Additional security features include disabling broadcasting, allowing and rejecting reception from specific numbers, user authentication and more.

Document and email security

Whether scanning, printing, or emailing, protection for sensitive documents comes as standard, thanks to Sharp’s RSA encrypted Adobe PDF files and use of SSL/TLS protocols and S/MIME email encryption for secure email communications. The optional Data Security Kit also eliminates residual data by overwriting it up to ten times.

Audit trail security

Sharp’s granular audit trail and job log feature provides comprehensive auditing of all user activity, which can be logged, reviewed and archived for conformance. In addition, you can monitor and review event logs, such as when and what setting changes were made or what IP addresses have accessed the device.

End of life security

The End-of-Lease feature on selected Sharp systems ensures that all confidential data is digitally shredded before the device is returned to the leasing company.

Why is GDPR so important?

It’s an important change, as the amount of data that businesses now store and use is vastly different to the data they stored in 1995 when the previous legislation from the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive was set up.

Aim of the GDPR

The aim of GDPR (officially called Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is to provide relevant regulation for today’s digital world and protect the security of personal data that is now collected, stored, and used in far greater and detailed analyses for decision making and marketing purposes than previously.

GDPR and document security

While a lot of focus of the GDPR is on protecting online data, it also applies to physically stored data, which means that businesses need to consider what happens to the information that they print, copy, scan and fax. Hard copies that are generated by an MFP and left on the output tray or in unsecured recycling bins are vulnerable to unauthorised access and could be regarded as a breach of personal data.

Unsecure networked printers and MFPs without encryption and data erasure could also be a point of risk. The digital copies of documents stored on them may become a target for hackers who want to steal information or without an inbuilt firewall, they could be used as a platform to penetrate a network to attack other systems.


How Sharp can help with GDPR compliance

Sharp offers a wide range of security solutions that can help towards your GDPR compliance, including state of the art technology and security features built-in to Sharp’s MFP hardware, secure print and document management solutions.

Sharp’s managed IT services, such as PC protection and secure back-up, also mean that we can help you in protection of your information, without putting any extra burden on your team, whatever the size of your business.