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How to unlock the 19 days wasted annually by everyone in your office

Warsaw, 25.10.2016
Is European office as efficient as it could be? Does it contain the latest connected technologies? Is it set up to help everyone save time? Or, like the average office in our recent study, is out-of-date or hard to use technology slowing people down?

Sharp interviewed 6,000 office workers in nine countries across Europe and found that the average European worker wastes 19 days each year due to slow or ineffective technology, that’s almost four lost weeks. Technology is supposed to help us to work faster, however, in the real world, old devices and software that is not user-friendly often forces people to waste time.

This dead time means lost opportunities, lost profits and even lost employees. What can you do to get this time back? It is not just about having the right hardware and software; it’s about making efficiency a priority and changing behaviours too.  

Sharp have worked with Time Management expert, Clare Evans (author of the best-selling title Time Management for Dummies), to provide some tips and advice that every office can try, regardless of its size and budget, to take back those minutes and hours.

To learn how to make your office more efficient visit your local Unlock webpage and download a free whitepaper.

​​​​​​​Notes to editors

  • Research was conducted with 6,045 office workers in nine EU countries (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary).
  • A working day is considered as 8 hours
  • A working year is considered as 250 days (excluding weekends and average number of public holidays across the nine countries surveyed)

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