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Hands-on With Sharp’s Product Launches From Inspire Expo 2018

At Inspire Expo 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland, we were proud to show how our technology can help people work smarter now, and in the future.

Over the course of four days, at Sharp Inspire Expo 2018 we played host to over 600 dealers, partners and journalists from more than 40 countries around the world. The show gave everyone the chance to experience and learn more about the MFPs, interactive displays and office solutions that we will be releasing this year, and hear about our concepts for incorporating artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (AIoT) and 8K into our product roadmap. 

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the Sharp exhibition.

Sharp A3 Mono MFPs

The hugely successful A3 colour MX-series was launched at Sharp’s last Inspire event. This year we have added 10 new mono models, with the same interface, bolstering both the Essential and Advanced series. These new models offer a combination of intuitive and time-saving functions such as a customisable touch-screen, a motion sensor that detects approaching users (Advance models only), and an integrated pull printing solution as standard. The refreshed range now means that whichever A3 device you choose, whether colour or mono, the experience of using the device is exactly the same.

Sharp Essential MFP Series

Think of this series as your everyday office essential, with the option to upgrade as required.

Sharp Advanced MFP Series

The following MFPs include a wider range of finishing options and additional functions such as Office Direct Print and cloud connectivity.

Refreshed Sharp Light-Production Printers

Refreshing our light-production product line, we introduced the new MX-7090N and MX-8090N Colour Document Systems to offer in-house print environments improved productivity and a better user experience.

Both models have copy and print speeds up to 80 ppm and feature the same easy-to-use touchscreen interface as Sharps' A3 and A4 office products.

Additionally, with full access to Fiery Command WorkStation® from the operation panel of the MFP, print room managers can save time, and don’t have to operate the device from an extra workstation.

Sharp Display Solutions

No Sharp tour would be complete without the BIG PAD; interactive whiteboards that help people share their ideas and collaborate more creatively and efficiently.

On display at Inspire Expo 2018, Sharp presented its first ever 4K BIG PAD. Sharp’s newest 70” BIG PAD makes it easy to view large amounts of detailed information, such as technical drawings, maps or spreadsheets. Special features support working with content at Ultra-HD resolution: 4K reading is supported by Sharp’s unique UV2A screen technology for high contrast and image clarity, and 4K writing is supported by a range of features including palm rejection, so your palm doesn’t make marks on the screen when you are writing, and a modified pen with a 2mm tip for precision. 

BIG PADs are ideal for large meeting rooms or school classrooms; anywhere where the sharing of information in a clear and simple way is required.

Future Technologies

One special area of the Sharp booth was dedicated to future tech with a focus on integrating capabilities for video shooting and recording, playback, and line output, which featured an 8K TV and a professional camcorder, the 8C-B60A. Besides the ability to shoot images in high resolution 8K (60p), this camcorder is designed to offer ease of use in shooting and recording and to lessen the burden on the camera operator in the post-recording editing process. The 8C-B60A’s image pickup device is a large, Super 35-mm-equivalent CMOS image sensor with 33 million pixels.

These devices will form the basis for Sharp's R&D work on an 8K ecosystem.

If you would like to know more about Sharp's announcements at Inspire Expo 2018, please Get In Touch.


PR Manager CEE