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Document Security

Sharp’s document security suite helps you get more work done, thanks to its intuitive workflow and automation tools. Plus, our secure, robust document management processes mean you can be confident that you are complying with the latest regulations.

You can stop working with fragmented, highly distributed document environments. Instead you can look forward to a fully indexed, centralised data repository that lets your staff spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to good use.

When you upload data and documents you’ll always be prompted to include accurate indexing details descriptive metadata, and with Sharp’s full text search capability, there are always straightforward routes to the data you need and additional benefits from version tracking and audit trail.

Your files are stored in a single, structured, and secure repository on exclusively European Data Centres (local server-based installations are also available).

Your data is protected by access controls, firewalls, state-of- the-art encryption technology, and redundant failover systems. You can also set, change and revoke access permissions by user or by workgroup in a matter of minutes, sharing as much or as little information as you need.