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Benefits of Opting for Sharp Job Accounting II on Your Office MFP

Do you want to have greater control over your print costs? Sharp has just released an update to Job Accounting II, its software to help you monitor your printers. We look at what’s new and find out how Job Accounting II is helping two very different organisations…

If your business uses multiple printers, then managing running costs is as important as print quality and ease-of-use. Sharp Job Accounting II is one part of Sharp’s suite of Optimised Software Solutions that puts the IT administrator in your business in total control of your printers and Multifunctional Printers (MFPs).

Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on cost, page counts, or which are the most popular printers, you can control it all centrally. It allows you to set user parameters, from limiting how many pages can be printed, to controlling the use of colour.

Sharp is constantly working on and refining its products and with the latest release of Job Accounting II we have added a number of new features that allow IT managers and those running the network to better control access to printing privileges. This includes making it easier to import users using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), an internet protocol used to identify information on a server.

The update also includes the option to turn on and off the message on the printer which tells a user how much they have spent on printing. This is useful if you don’t need to share costs with users, or certain groups of users.

Below we look at how Job Accounting II is being used in two different types of organisation; a school and a medium-sized business. 

How Job Accounting II works for schools

One of Sharp Germany’s customers is a specialist school, offering care for children with a wide range of disabilities. The school has 200 staff, including nurses, teachers and administrators. Different people need to print different amounts and the school wanted to monitor this to decide how many printers were needed and where to put them.

Each employee has a printer number allocated to them but the old system had been designed so each machine was a ‘standalone’ device. Monitoring printing therefore meant taking information from each machine separately and collating it together manually. This was inefficient and time consuming.

By adding new Sharp MFPs and Job Accounting II, the school now has a centrally controlled secure billing and monitoring system.

The school has been running the new system since 2015 and in that time has found it to run completely maintenance free. Each end-user has pre-defined access according to their needs, managed centrally using Sharp Job Accounting II.

The school has found the intuitive software allows them to quickly and easily add or decommission users or groups, as well as assign permissions or adjust prices with ease. It now takes a fraction of the time to prepare accounts, which is another cost saving.

End users found the new service easy to use and convenient. What’s more, user behaviour is being analysed to discover how to get even more benefits from the system.

How Job Accounting II works for SMEs

It is not only in education where Job Accounting II has clear benefits, as business, with its very different user needs, can also make the most of its features.

One Sharp customer working in the automotive technology industry found this to be true when security became high on its agenda after one of its customers requested increased confidentiality.

With 500 staff working in the headquarters, each of them with access to the ten Sharp printers located around the office, it was clear that a rigorous authentication software program was needed.

Because the company already used Sharp printers, it was an easy fit for their MFP dealer to recommend Sharp Job Accounting II, which has a range of authentication features built into the software. Once installed, members of staff were issued with smartcards for accessing the Sharp printers and were shown how to use the new more secure process.

One benefit for employees is that using Sharp Job Accounting II software offers them greater flexibility. It allows them to print where and when they want, with the added bonus that printing is now faster.

Due to this improved performance level and the added security, the company already has plans to implement the system into a new subsidiary opening elsewhere in Germany soon.

Sharp Job Accounting II is just one part of a dedicated and highly flexible Optimised Software Solutions Portfolio that can readily improve the performance and productivity of your business.


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