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Reaching maximum independence

Thanks to innovative solutions, independence from the grid is now higher than even before: The combination of solar system battery storage covers up to 80% of the needs of a household, depending on the season.

The possibilities of self-supply with solar energy have been limited for a long time. During the day, more electricity was produced as needed and at night no private solar power was available.

With the introduction of innovative storage solutions, this value can now be raised by up to 80%, depending on the weather conditions. The energy produced during the day is saved and can be used at any time of day, even at night.
With a fully charged battery, the system continues to supply the private consumption. Surplus energy is fed into the public power grid.

Use of solar power during the day

Operation of solar system and storage in the daily routine:


The energy produced in the solar system is used for own consumption. Surplus energy is stored in the battery.


With a fully charged battery, the system continues to supply the private consumption. Surplus energy is fed into the public power grid.


After sunset, the system provides the stored energy from the battery for own consumption.


Even at night, the system continues to provide stored energy. If there is insufficient battery capacity, additional power is obtained from the public power grid.      

Battery Knowledge

Choosing a solar battery—the important factors

As a supplier of energy solutions, Sharp offers - in addition to photovoltaic modules (PV modules) - battery solutions for various requirements in order to achieve the greatest possible independence from energy suppliers for customers.

Battery concepts

Battery concepts on the market differ first of all regarding the components included. Depending on the battery concept, these are ideal either as a complement to existing PV systems or as complete solutions for new installations.

Battery capacity (kWh)

The useable battery capacity in kWh indicates how much energy can be obtained from a fully-charged battery.  Often also the nominal (total) capacity is specified, but usually this cannot be accessed completely. The difference between these values is the depth of discharge (DOD). Example: A battery has a storage capacity of 16 kWh and a discharge level of 50%; 8 kWh are therefore available (50% of 16 kWh). The battery capacity required for your home depends on the size of your PV system, the power consumption and your desired energy independence. With the right storage solution, the available capacity can be fully utilized and maximum independence from the grid can be achieved.


There are two main battery technologies in the market: lithium-ion cells and lead-acid batteries. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Lead-acid batteries are well established and commercially proven, but they are very heavy and have a large volume. Lithium-ion cells have a higher depth of discharge, a higher efficiency and are lighter, so that they are also used in high-quality e-cars, for example.


Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries have different requirements for the installation site, for example in terms of room size and floor load. Therefore, it is important to check in advance where the battery is to be accommodated in the house.


Products guarantees cover material and manufacturing defects. The performance guarantee assures for the decrease in performance of a battery a minimum capacity during the warranty period and often also a minimum number of full cycles. The scope of these guarantees depends on the manufacturer.

Full cycles

The operation to fully charge a battery and then unload to the depth of discharge is called a full cycle. A full cycle can consist of several partial cycles (loading and unloading). Within the guarantee period, a maximum number of cycles should be achieved. It should be considered that the number of cycles refers to the specified depth of discharge.

Ask our Sharp installation partner for a recommendation of a battery system which fits best to your requirements.