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About Sharp Solar

More than a century of innovation

Sharp has been inventing one-of-a-kind products and solutions that benefit society and business for more than 100 years. Our creed today is the same as it was then: an ambition for excellence.

Our story began with the invention of an ever-sharp mechanical pencil (hence the name ‘Sharp’) and continued with a steady stream of innovative products. We commercialized the first Japanese TVs and radios, for example, and the world’s first LCD calculators. But that was just the start.

A century on, we continue to innovate with award-winning products in fields as diverse as Document Solutions, Managed Services, Visual Solutions, Energy Solutions, and Point of Sale.

Unrivalled 60 years of solar expertise

Sharp has been a driver of the photovoltaic industry ever since the early days of PV solar research and development 60 years ago. As a result of continued innovation Sharp has managed to maintain its position as a global player in the photovoltaic business (residential, commercial & Industrial and solar power plants) for decades. No other PV brand has lasted this long in the highly competitive solar industry that has seen many bankruptcies. See our solar milestones under the link below!

Sharp photovoltaics

Sharp has attained global brand recognition and has a wide product portfolio far beyond PV. As a result, Sharp is better protected against market fluctuations in individual industries than non-diversified PV brands. An additional safeguard for our guarantees. Sharp creates products in the following areas: smart home, smart offices, entertainment, education, health, security, industry, and automobiles.

Sharp solar PV panels are always a safe bet. This is because we focus on providing proven technology that has passed rigorous tests and will perform for decades to come. Our PV line-up covers various sizes of monocrystalline half-cell panels for residential, commercial & industrial solar power systems and multi-megawatt solar panel farms.


We are dedicated to the values of sincerity and creativity which were already important to the Sharp founder, Tokuji Hayakawa. Sharp strives for mutual prosperity with society and stakeholders since its founding. Through abiding by the business philosophy we remain committed to fulfilling our social responsibility and to being a company that is known and trusted throughout society.

Sharp will continue to support the United Nations’ Global Compact as a signatory to the 10 principles which cover the areas of human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption as well as conflict minerals. Further Sharp has formulated long-term environmental goals in the areas of climate change, resource recycling and safety and security in its Eco Vision 2050.

Tier1 - Bank on Sharp for your projects

Sharp is continually ranked Tier1 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation. This is an independent testament to our financial health as a corporation and module maker. Only a small fraction of all PV manufacturers make it into this strict list. Tier1 suppliers are selected based on their creditworthiness.

Meet the solar team

Our international team is made up of unique characters but we are united in our passion for photovoltaics and the drive to work for a green future with our partners. We take pride in the quality high performance solar panels we produce and the guarantees we provide. The majority of our colleagues have been working for Sharp for over ten years. Some of our members have decades of PV experience to fall back on.

The Sharp Energy Solutions team has been based in Hamburg, Germany for over 25 years now. Our Hamburg office is home to our Solar Service, Marketing, Sales, Sales Development, Sales Support, Product Engineering and Management Teams. Additionally, we have  a few Sales Managers located across Europe (Poland, Spain, Netherlands, England) to best serve our customers in those countries.

Catch up with Sharp

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