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5 Digital Signage Solutions for Pop-Up Retail Businesses

Pop-up retail stores are changing retail on the high-street and digital signage is the perfect partner for a temporary space – here we explain why.

Large Digital Display as Your Shop Sign

Pop-up retail stores – outlets that take over an empty building and temporarily trade sometimes for up to a year, but increasingly for less than a month or even a week – are expected to account for close to a third of new businesses on the high-street this year.

It’s a growing trend and a tactic now used by established retailers as well as start-ups or small independent businesses. In a recent retail workforce survey, more than half of the retailers surveyed said that the traditional role of stores will see a major shift towards pop-up stores by 2020.  

If you’re a pop-up retailer looking to make the most of a temporary location, you may not want to go to the expense of decorating, or even investing in a physical sign to signify your presence. Not when Digital Signage can help.

Here we look at innovative ways that the right Digital Signage Solutions can help Pop-Up Retail businesses to succeed:


Large Digital Display as Your Shop Sign

The most obvious sign of a shop’s presence is often the store frontage, including logo. However, if your pop-up retail outlet isn’t staying around long, then why go to the expense of creating one?

Instead, make use of a large-format digital display panel, such as the Sharp PN-Q901, which has been created for Digital Signage situations. The 90-inch panel has a super-thin bezel to give a refined and slim line look. Designed for prolonged usage, you can run the display for 16 hours a day, making it perfect for shop signage.

A convenient stand is included as standard with the PN-Q901, and allows for immediate free-standing setup and use on any convenient flat surface. Updating content on the screen is easy, from showing offers to counting down the hours left on your pop-up site, using the LAN connection and supplied infrared remote control handset.


Video Wall to Showcase Your Products

Every retail store needs a focal point – a space that delivers that ‘wow factor’. However, if you’re only in a location for a short time, you’ll want to make the maximum impact with minimal effort. Nothing makes more of an impact than a video wall.

The Sharp PN-V701 is the latest addition to our range of video wall solutions, and is the world’s largest video wall display currently on sale. The scale of the 70-inch monitor allows you to build video walls with fewer monitors and fewer bezels.

It was developed specifically for use in multi-screen installations in either portrait or landscape orientation and with a combined bezel width of only 4.4mm and high brightness of 700cd/m2, Sharp PN-V701 features Advanced Uniform Colour Calibration Technology, ensuring superb uniformity of colour and brightness that will attract customers.


Digital Signage Displays for Decoration and In-Store Information

It is not only as a central focal point where signage can be used to great effect. Digital displays can be placed around the store, showing promotions, highlighting benefits, or running product demonstrations.

For example, the Sharp PN-Q601E is a 60-inch large format but affordable display that has been designed to run for prolonged periods, typically up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. With a bright 350cd/m2, it ensures that messages and retail displays are clearly seen. An embedded USB media player offers hassle-free signage by allowing quick and easy display of images, videos with sound from a USB memory stick.

Need even more display space? The Sharp PN-Q range comes in a host of sizes up to 90-inches.


Interactive Display as Online Catalogue

No retailer ever wants to disappoint a customer and not having the full range of goods on the shop floor often leads to potential frustration. This can be an even bigger issue for pop-up retail businesses but the Sharp BIG PAD range of interactive displays can be placed on the shop floor and allow customers to browse your entire digital catalogue with ease.

What’s more, as they can be network connected, you can take orders there and then, so helping drive sales. The latest addition to our range is the Sharp BIG PAD PN-80SC5, which is the first BIG PAD interactive display to have “optical bonding” as standard for eye-catching image brilliance and a more immediate touch response.

Looking for a smaller solution that still packs in all of the same touchscreen flexibility of the 80-inch model? Our new Sharp BIG PAD PN-65SC1 offers the latest on-screen collaboration capabilities with attractive price performance.


Huddle Space Display as Your Demonstration Area

There are times in any store when you’ll need to give a hands-on demonstration of goods of after-sales services, or simply need to sit down with a client to work through a sale or problem. At these times, the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 interactive display is perfect; it is designed to be used in informal ‘Huddle Spaces.’

With its 40-inch display but fast and responsive PCAP Capacitive touchscreen, there is space for several users to access the screen at the same time, making sharing ideas and shoppers’ needs a smooth experience. What’s more, as with the larger BIG PADs, there is intuitive Pen Software that can convert handwriting to text, so making input quick and easy.

There we have it, simple but effective ways in which the right Digital Signage Solutions can help your Pop-Up Retail business succeed.

If you would like to know how Sharp Digital Signage solutions can help you, Get In Touch to discuss your needs and arrange a demonstration.


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