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Benefits of Interactive Solutions

The Sharp interactive display solutions have been designed with schools and higher education campuses, as well as corporate office environments in mind – any location that needs an easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective solution. For the training room or lecture theatre, the Sharp solutions make lessons more engaging, whilst in the office meeting room our BIG PAD is a brilliant communication platform for releasing creativity, promoting powerful team collaboration and getting effective decisions made.

As an all-Sharp solution, there is minimum setup, highly acclaimed positive touch performance and effortless use of the Sharp software application tools. The BIG PAD simply raises individual user confidence and ensures greater team collaboration. With a large range of display sizes all having FHD resolution, the BIG PAD is a great example of how Sharp is transforming the way organisations engage with information through connected technologies.

The teacher in the classroom, or the presenter in a meeting, or the moderator in a team discussion have a task at hand. Our users are not necessarily IT experts, nor do they aspire to become an IT expert. The Sharp BIG PAD solution is intuitive, very easy to use and won’t let them down. The BIG PAD is a seamlessly integrated all-Sharp solution. Comprising of a display, our own developed touchscreen technology, firmware, driver software and whiteboard applications, as well as Sharp pens – stylus and eraser – Sharp has developed each part of the solution component chain. This really frees up the user to focus on teaching or interacting with colleagues and not having to worry about the technology – it simply works

Interactive Solution Features

  • Multi-purpose Applications

    A Better Way to Make a Big Impression

    From the office boardroom to the conference room, training session to lecture hall, a Sharp touch-screen interactive display system can magnify your success. Motivate your audience. Improve your image. Give your message the impact it deserves. With Sharp on your presentation team, the possibilities are endless ... and every moment is right for a magnificent performance.

  • Spectacular Screen Size

    Convey Your Message with Greater Impact

    Size matters — and in today's competitive world, a big-screen Sharp interactive display system can make a big difference in getting your message across. With screens up to 80" class (80" diagonal), Sharp BIG PAD interactive display systems give you spectacular HD clarity to help make your presentations come to life.

  • Spectacular Image Quality

    Uniform Brightness with Low Energy Consumption

    Sharp's UV2A photo-alignment technology create brilliant colour images, and with full-array backlit design positions energy-efficient white LEDs evenly across the entire panel for uniform brightness and greater legibility of text.

    Approximately 5-Times Brightness Compared to Plasma Displays


    Sharp PN-70TB3 70" Class
    (69 1/2" Diagonal LED-LCD)

    300 cd/m2


    Sharp PN-70TB3 70" Class
    (69 1/2" Diagonal LED-LCD)

    Typical Power

    225 W


  • User-Friendly Sharp Pen Software™ Interface

    Control Every Presentation Like a Pro

    User-Friendly Pen Software Interface using a touch pen, you can easily launch and display the Pen Software user interface—a menu comprising smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions. Each touch pen has its own dedicated menu, which can be displayed even when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time. Pen settings such as colour and line thickness can be set for each touch pen (with function buttons).

    Give Your Presentation Just the Right Touch

    For performance, simplicity and control convenience, nothing beats a Sharp interactive display system. Advanced Optical detection technology and infrared dual touch ensure greater accuracy to increase usability and precision. And, you can create work plans, highlight key topics, annotate files and more – then share marked-up documents or print hard copies for future reference.

  • MFP Connectivity

    Documents and images scanned from a colour-scan-capable Sharp MFP can be imported directly to the pen software for display on the BIG PAD. For added convenience, image data shown onscreen—including notations—can be saved to a PC or sent directly to an MFP for printout.

  • Work Smarter with Touch Display Link

    Touch Display Link 2.01 software supports effective and multifaceted communication. Onscreen content—including handwritten notes and drawings made in real time—can be viewed simultaneously on the BIG PAD and mobile devices2 such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Touch Display Link facilitates interactive presentations, lively discussions, and paperless meetings in both business and educational settings

    Touch Display Link enables the following interactive functions on BIG PAD and mobile devices connected via wireless LAN:sharing of onscreen content

    • transfer of files
    • interactive onscreen writing and drawing
    • remote control of the BIG PAD from mobile devices

    Up to 50 mobile devices1, 3 can be connected simultaneously.

    Files can be exchanged between mobile devices even if they are not connected to the BIG PAD.

    Users can capture onscreen images and save them on their mobile devices to make personally annotated memos (personal memo).

    Touch Display Link also connects two BIG PAD on the same network (intranet, VPN, etc.) to enable larger-scale interactive communications.


    1 - Number of connectable mobile devices depends on the following conditions.

    • LCD monitors
      • PN-70TA3/60TA3 used with pre-installed software: Max. 20
      • PN-70TA3/60TA3/70TB3/60TB3 used with bundled software CD-ROM: Max. 50
    • OS — Windows® 7: Max. 20; Windows® 8/8.1: Max. 50

    2 - OS requirements:

    • PCs: Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1;
    • Tablets: Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1, Android, iOS;
    • Smartphones: Android, iOS

    3 - Connecting 20 or more mobile devices requires at least two LAN access points.