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  • 100% Pure Steam cooking
  • Touch control operation
  • LCD-Display
  • 26 Automatic programmes including 4 'Complete Meal' menus
  • Steam High and Steam Low option
  • 2-layer cooking option for Steam High
  • 430 cc water tank
  • 900 W Microwave Output power


This new multi-purpose oven offers a unique combination of the healthiest cooking methods, all-in-one versatile appliance: Steam, Grill and Microwave. As an authentic steamer, the Steamwave from Sharp generates pure steam without the aid of microwave energy - thereby preserving all the benefits of steaming.


Cabinet colour/ door handle coloursilver/ silver
Oven Capacity (Litre)27
Control: Jog dial / touch control - /
Steam Generation Power (cc/min)16
Interior materialstainless steel
Microwave distribution system Antenna system (bottom feed)

Output power

Microwave (W)900
Steam Engine Heater (W)860
SuperSteam Heater (W) -
Top Grill Heater: infrared/ quartz ( W)1050/-
Bottom Grill Heater (W) -
Convection Heater (W) -

Manual Cooking Options

Microwave Power levels6
Steam High (100°C)
Steam Low (°C temperature range)70-95
Steam Reheat/ Steam Proving - / -
Double Grill Mode (Top Grill Heater + Bottom Grill Heater) -
Dual Grill Mode (Grill Heater + Microwave)
Mix Grill Mode (Grill Heater and Microwave alternately) -
Convection Mode (°C range) -
Dual Convection Mode (Convection + Microwave) -
Pre-heat Function -
SuperSteam Convection -

Automatic Programmes

Steam Menus 1 layer11
Steam Menus 2 layers4
Steam Defrost menus3
Grill Menus4
Defrost Menus4
Auto Cook or Express Cook menus -
Sensor menus -
Pizza Automatic Programmes -
Cake Automatic Programmes -

Other convenient features

2 layer steam cooking option
Door opening systemside hinge
Time input (max. input in mins. and secs.) except all steam modes99/50
Time input for Steam High (max. input in mins.) 35
Time input for Steam Low (max. input in mins.) 60
Minute Plus (+1min) Function
Cooking Adjustment (MORE/ LESS)
Sequence cookingup to 3 stages
Energy Save Mode
Language Key -
Info Key -
Clock key -
Kitchen timer
Drain Mode
Descaling/ Cleaning function / -
Water hardness setting (steps)3
Demonstration mode
Child lock
Oven Light (W)25
Built-in kit optional -
Niche dimension for built-in kit (W) x (H) x (D) mm -


Water tank capacity (cc)430
Steam tray(s)/ material2/ stainless steel
Glass tray
Baking tray -
Grill rack
Drip tray
Turntable / Material / Size ø cmno
Operation manual
Cookery bookinside operation manual

Technical Data

Outside dimension (W) X (H) x (D) mm520 x 331 x 500
Cavity dimension (W) x (H) x (D) mm343 x 210 x 381
Weight (kg)approx. 19,1
Voltage (V)/ frequency (Hz)230/ 50
Distribution Line Fuse/ Circuit Breaker (A)16